Pocket Talismans - Meditate and Materialise Your Wishes

Resolve issues and manifest your desires with my Pocket Talismans in four easy steps

  1. Choose and purchase your favourite/s (for more info, see below)tbowl
  2. Carry Talisman around with you at all times
  3. Handle as much as possible and meditate/speak your wishes to your Talisman
  4. Watch your wishes materialise!
  5. How to Use

    Very simply carry your Talisman around with you, in a pocket, handbag or purse. You can even put it under your pillow at night, but most of all it is important to handle it as much as possible. As you turn it around in your hand, you must visualise very clearly what you wish to happen. Say it out loud (or in your head if you prefer) over and over what you wish for whilst holding the Talisman. Pour all your concentration into it as much as you can and wait for amazing results. 

    A note of caution though...you've heard the old expression "beware what you wish for, it may come true". These Talisman are very powerful and really do work. Think about it carefully. Is this REALLY what you want? What else might happen if and when your wishes come true? Make sure you never, EVER try to coerce or bend someone else's free will to your own - it's wrong and will backfire on you! 

    You must do your part and attune to your Talisman by handling it as much as possible. If you are looking for new love, help the Talisman to work for you by breaking your routine and getting out more to meet others - this will allow the most incredible lucky break to come your way. Sitting at home and waiting for Mr or Mrs Right to ring your doorbell is not giving the Talisman a chance to work for you.

    Product details

    Designs are laser cut into wooden discs which mean, as a natural material, you may find variations in the shape and colour of the disc and the burn intensity on the wood. The irregularities and variations of the designs are a characteristic of using wood and adds not only to its natural beauty but also lends a uniqueness to each and everyone. The Discs are typically 4-5 cms in diameter and just under 1 cm thick - pocket size!


    £2.75 each - FREE P&P - (Talismans sent out 1st Class Royal Mail) To purchase Choose the ones you are drawn to and need most in your life and, if you can't decide, read more (below) about the qualities each one is enriched with. 



    Follow Your Dreams - The Mystic Haretfollowdreans

    • Time to realise your dreams
    • Put your deepest desires to work
    • Motivation and activity
    • Finding the drive to succeed
    • Bringing luck on your side
    • Transforming your life

    If you're drawn to this Talisman you have a real need to transform and change your life for the better. You may always have had a dream or desire to achieve something particular in your life and maybe lacked confidence to follow that through. You may have felt it was an impossible dream. The Mystic Hare lends it's power to you so you can reach for those goals and achieve them at last. Great for career issues and finding your life's path.


    Love - The Dove Messengertlove

    • Attracting new love
    • Renewing old/existing love
    • Bringing someone back into your life
    • Finding your soul mate
    • Strengthening a rocky relationship
    • Healing relationships between loved ones
    • Family bonds

    If you've been feeling broken hearted or down about your love life or even your family relationships, this Talisman will give you the positivity to take stock of where you are and gently heal and lift you out of your present circumstances. It can help heal rifts or help you find new love in your life. As you meditate with this Talisman, take time to examine your past behaviours and look to what you could do differently in future. Allow the healing vibrations of the Dove Messenger to guide the way forward.


    Protection - The Lion Guardiantprotection

    • Protection from negative people
    • Personal safety 
    • Keep loved ones safe
    • Keep unpleasant neighbours away
    • Ward off jealous trouble makers
    • Keep house safeguarded from intrusion or destruction

    Ideal for those who have problems with others intruding and causing problems, the Lion Guardian will help provide a protective shield around you, your family and your home. You can use this Talisman to ask for the safety of others as well as yourself. This is particularly good to use to keep troublesome exes or neighbours at bay. As you meditate with this Talisman, allow the quiet strength of the Lion Guardian to guide the way forward.


    Angel Blessingstangel

    • Blessed Angelic help
    • Magical answers to your questions
    • Gentle guidance and love
    • Receiving revelatory insights
    • Impossible situations resolved
    • Healing and peace

    We all need Angelic guidance from time to time. This Talisman helps to connect you to the Angelic realm, including your precious Guardian Angel. With this Talisman you are protected, loved and guided to make good life choices. Feel the protective embrace of your angels around you as you meditate with this and notice how you are able to receive insights on impossible situations. Magical resolutions are also possible with this Talisman.


    Strength - The Elephant Healertstrength

    • Emotional strength
    • Helps depression and sadness
    • Healing from physical illness
    • Facing bullies/enemies with courage
    • Banishing fear and anxiety
    • Recovery from addiction

    This Talisman is a super healer in the face of either mental or physical illness. If you or anyone you know is feeling sad or lacks courage to face difficulties in life, let the power of the Elephant Healer work it's magic. Whether you are facing an operation or have been weakened through illness, this is the Talisman for you. This is the quiet, unspectacular strength needed to go through this life with greater ease and open the way to a happier, healthier future - can even help with weight loss.


    Luck - The Lucky Cattluck

    • General good luck
    • Passng exams/driving test
    • Small windfalls on the Lotto
    • Unexpected money arriving when most needed
    • Meeting "the one"
    • Job Interviews

    Ever felt you needed a bit of pure luck come your way? Let the Lucky Cat bring some magic into your life and help you with those niggling problems. This Talisman can help steady nerves before an exam or interview and really increase your chances of success. Small windfalls of money can be expected with the Lucky Cat as the universe will hear you when you ask for good fortune and give you what you need, when you need it. Expect life to go better for you.


    Positive Change - Brilliant Butterflytposchange

    • Magical change for the better
    • Release from repression
    • Getting rid of negativity
    • Shifting life events in right direction
    • Dispelling depression and sadness
    • Finding the power to leave

    The butterfly is a wonderful metaphor for change - it started life as a humble caterpillar and metamorphosed into a Brilliant Butterfly. This Talisman can help get rid of the negative in your life - whether it be other people or just how you feel about life at the present. It gently encourages you to step forward fearlessly and with new hope. This is a good Talisman for both career and relationships when you need to find the strength to leave a situation for good.


    Dreams Come True - The Mystic Haretdreamstrue

    • Wishes materialised
    • Miraculous resolutions
    • Getting what you need out of life
    • Having what you always wanted
    • General good fortune
    • Happiness and joy

    Is there something you always wanted and thought you could never have? This is the Talisman for you. The Mystic Hare brings dymanic change to your life and will grant your dearest wish - so long as it causes no harm to others or bends their free will. Ask for what you need and be sure it will be on it's way - remember there is a difference between need and want. The dashing hare brings swift and positive resolutions to your most pressing issues. 


    Lucky Dip - Can't Decide?tbowl

    • Let me choose for you...
    You may not know exactly what it is you need or want right now, if there's several you like but can't decide, then I can choose for you and I will send you the Talisman I think you most need in your life based on what I am picking up from your name.



     £2.75 each - FREE P&P - (Talismans sent out 1st Class Royal Mail)